Of Spirit (OS) Blackbuck is a 29” tire one-speed built with CroMoly steel for a lively ride at an affordable price. Mark Slate designed the Blackbuck based on frame design experience dating back 29 years. Slate designed the first true 29″ diameter tire in 1999 which needed a frame to fit it. Several frames were designed and made in 1999 to accommodate the needs of 29″ tires and various length forks were used. This experience has been carried forward to the Generation 2 Blackbuck now being offered.

Blackbuck G2 frames are available in three sizes for 29″ wheels. Forks (rigid) come in three lengths to vary steering character. Head tube and seat tube angles are designed to perform as one would expect from a range of 74 degrees (435mm length fork) to 70.5 degrees (100mm travel at ride height fork). You can tune the character of your Blackbuck to suit your needs.

Blackbuck uses a split shell Eccentric Bottom Bracket that serves to tension a one-speed chain in the simplest manner. Due to a very close fit between the EBB insert and the BB shell inner diameter, the Blackbuck performs in silence with disassembly to grease mating surfaces easily done if needed. The EBB can be positioned to suit your choice of fork length.

Blackbuck frames can be fitted with a derailleur hanger if a multi-speed is what you want. There are cable stops on the down tube only. Full length cable housing and zip-ties are needed to run gears. (A post illustrating details is forthcoming.) The derailleur hanger is steel (which can be retro-fitted to G1 Blackbuck frames) and is mounted with just one small screw. The axle holds the hanger from rotating during use.

Blackbuck is intended as a mount that will take you anywhere you choose to go. 29” wheels roll faster than smaller diameters due to a longer tire contact patch (less friction) and get greater lateral traction. A bigger wheel rolls over obstacles more easily than smaller wheels due to approach angle, and the inertia contained in big wheels helps to smooth out small bumps at speed. With more control and a tuned ride you will experience greater joy in the big wide world of riding. Let the Spirit take you!